Tax Forms For Work at Home Moms

Taxes can be a pain in the neck for anyone, but when you work from home while taking care of kids all day, the last thing you want to worry about is what you need to do your taxes. If you want to do your own taxes, there are several different kinds of forms that you need. Knowing the forms you will need make doing your taxes go a lot smoother. A mom’s life can be crazy and chaotic, so to make your life easier, here are a few forms that you will need and what they are for:

Form 1040: The Main Form

The 1040 form is the main form you will use to fill out your taxes. This is the form the IRS is looking for. A 1040 comes with 12 Optional “Schedules” or forms. Each form goes into a greater amount of detail as to what your income taxes entail. As a work at home mother, you will need a 1040 plus a few of the other optional forms. Here are a few that go along with the 1040:

Form 2106: Employee Business Expense Deductions

The 2106 form is used to calculate your unreimbursed business expenses for employees. You can use this form to deduct the following business expenses: home office expenses, mileage, traveling costs, education which includes tuition, fees, and books, business gifts, and trade publications.

Form 8829: Expense for Business Use of your Home

The 8829 form is used to calculate your expenses for the use of your home for example, the home office tax deduction. These expenses do not include things such as furniture, and are solely used to calculate the deduction of what you already paid for rent, mortgage of your home for your business.

Schedule C: Profit or Loss Form

What you made or lost from your business is calculated on a Schedule C form. It is used to subtract your business expenses such as costs associated with your home office, from your income. The total after you subtract, will be your profit which is entered on your 1040. This will help identify how much tax you actually owe the government.

These forms will help get you on your way to getting the most back on your taxes. Many programs will automatically calculate your information on these forms for you, but if you choose to do your taxes by hand, you can find these forms on the IRS website or at a local library. Simply go to and type the form you want into the search engine to print off what you need, or go to your local library and ask them for the free forms.

Depending on your circumstances, there are other forms such as the Child Tax credit form that you may need. Be sure to get all the forms before you start your taxes.  Life can get crazy, but when you know what you need before-hand, it make life all that much easier.

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