These days, more and more people are choosing to work from home. There are many reasons why someone might prefer to do this. Some advantages to freelancing from home are the comfort of familiar surroundings, a flexible schedule, and the lack of a tedious daily commute. You might say, “This all sounds great, but how can I get started?”

The first thing to do is to take stock of your skills. Are you a great administrative assistant? If so, you might find work as a “virtual assistant.” Do your skills lie in customer service? Then you might want to apply for a job that involves E-mail response handling. Or maybe you’re a technical whiz who knows a computer inside and out. You might choose to offer your services as an online tech support expert.

Once you have narrowed down what it is you want to do, it’s time to start doing a Web search for online job portals that offer opportunities in your chosen field. Here’s where you have to be careful. Make sure that the job sites you join are legitimate. Some sites pose as genuine job portals but only exist to steal your hard-earned cash. The main Internet job sites are free to join.

Some might take a commission from your work, but that’s only after you’ve signed a virtual contract from an employer. Getting started as a freelancer may seem overwhelming, but once you’ve chosen a field and a legitimate job portal, you’ll find a whole new way of working.

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