How To Find Real And Reliable Clients On Freelancing Sites.

With all the jobs that are being advertised and awarded on freelancing sites, it can be difficult at times to find real, reliable, and serious clients. There are many people posting jobs on freelancing sites, and at times you can feel as if though you are bidding and submitting proposals on a lot of useless jobs. At the same time, there are many who simply post a job to get an idea of the market and understand what they can expect to pay in terms of price, or how long a job is likely to take. Even some independent freelancers may post their own projects that they want to outsource.

However, keeping an eye out for the 3 simple tips below will allow you to be more aware of the quality of jobs versus the quantity.

Is There An Award Ratio?

On many freelancing sites you are able to see how many projects a client posted and how many of them got awarded. This is important to see as you will be able to determine how reliable the client is and what the chances are of them awarding their current projects are.

If the award ratio is below 50%, it’s not that great of a chance that the client is going to award the project, however it is still worth bidding on. Although, clients with an average of 50% ratio should be given more attention, in fact, going a bit above and beyond for them can result in many projects being awarded to you.

At the same time, it is always worth checking their lists of proposals, as they may have not awarded a particular job due to a lack of relevant experience, or other freelancers requesting unrealistic fees to complete the work.

How Much Have They Spent Thus Far?

There are a lot of potential jobs on freelance sites. However, many of them aren’t really looking to hire contractors. One of the best ways to see whether a client is a serious hiring manager or not, is to see how much they have spent on the freelancing site thus far. The total number doesn’t have to be high but this along with the award ratio will allow you to understand who your client may be.

Again, this will also indicate whether they are simply looking for the cheapest price, or have perhaps selected an elite team of freelancers who work for them on a continuous basis.  If you find such a potential client, this is a huge opportunity.

Go Outside of Freelancing Sites

Whether you want to find new clients, or see the existing ones, it is good to go outside of the freelancing sites. There are a lot of internet companies that hire contractors on freelancing sites, although, they get their clients from other sources. Maintaining an active profile and showcasing some of your work on sites such as Enthuse can also help others to see the kind of work you do before considering hiring you.

However, it can benefit you in gaining a long-term relationship if you can figure out whether the client is serious and actually operate their own company.

On many freelancing websites you are limited to the amount of jobs you can apply to per month, so don’t bid on just any project. Analyzing the clients that are posting jobs can get your business a long way and allow you to land more realistic and even bigger projects.



Eddie is an extremely busy entrepreneur who often doesn’t have enough time to do his own work. He often has to outsource his work to others and is often looking on  to hire appropriate candidates.

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