What Is eWritersCentral.com

eWriters Central is an extension of Gradec Media a marketing (SEO) with offices in London and Manchester in United Kingdom, Cape Town in South Africa, Nairobi In Kenya, Lilongwe and Blantyre in Malawi. Clients working with us on various content strategies hire and pay us to look after their content campaigns, in return we hire competent writers on our client’s behalf, this can also be in various languages i.e English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, depending on our client’s needs or targeted market.

We boast of a growing team of remote writers here in UK, Canada, United States, Canada, New Zealand , France, Spain , Portugal, Germany and South Africa.

Our Team of staff is made up of highly qualified search marketing, Content editors, writers with vast experience in sales and copy-writing, who scrutinize every piece of content that’s going through us into our client’s campaign.

How Do Our Writers Work?

In a nutshell, writers get notifications about every job posted on our database, they write the article which is then passed into our editorial team who then checks and rate it before it is given a final seal of approval by our client.

Submitting high quality articles is important as it reflects in the money you get paid for your work as it is based on the overall rating it is given.

Our Article Rates

Standard rate:

  • 3 Star rated article @$12.85
    4 Star rated article @$14.80
    5 Star rated article @$15.82

Premium Article Rate:

  • 4 Star rated article @$32.85
    5 Star rated article @$42.95

How And When Do I Get Paid

Most of our writers have paypal, so we pay on the last day of the month or if your earnings reach $100 which ever comes first then we will pay vial paypal.  However our preferred mode of payments is via PAYONEER  and the main reason we love Payoneer is the fact that they have zero to affordable transaction charges, on the other hand pioneer is available globally while paypal is in developed countries only. If you would like a VISA or MASTER CARD then request your Payoneer Account here==>OPEN US BANK ACCOUNT<==

What Do I need To Become A Writer At eWriters Central?

You will need to register and submit your recently written sample of work. There is a grammar test that you also have to pass for us to pass our client’s work, under normal circumstances we review and come back to you within 2-3 business days.

In each and every language you choose to write for our clients, you will need a high level of fluency of that particular language. We do not provide for internet connection or computers for your work so you must have these available to use in your office. Take your time to familiarize your self with our terms and conditions as they directly relate to everything you will be writing about.

There is also a requirement for you to provide your physical address while registering, this helps us figure out which tax forms apply to your account and indeed proof that you are who you say that you are.

What Type of Services Do You Offer To Your Clients?

We offer a wide selection of services that we cater for, however our highlights are:

Press Releases 

PR and Social Media 

Brand Reputation Management

Link Building

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Writers workshops/Training and short courses

Branding and Content strategic planning

Sales Copy writing and Product Reviews and many more…


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