A Short Guide To Improving Your Writing Skills

Whether you’re doing it for your upcoming thesis or school report or you’re planning to work as a freelance writer, improving your writing skills will take both time and effort. Although writing is something people learn at the early stages of life, only a few can really master the art of manipulating words and structuring sentences to convey its meaning in the best possible way.

Lead Your Article With the Main Idea

A general rule of thumb in writing is to state the main concept of a paragraph in the first sentence. Never let your readers guess what the topic of your content is otherwise many of them will become inpatient and close the book or scroll to the next page.

Write the Way You Speak

One of the simplest and quickest means of improving your writing abilities is not to write any terms or sentences you wouldn’t use when conversing with others. This means you should delete too formal phrases that are outdated and confusing.

Avoid Big Chunks of Content

Divide your paragraphs into smaller blocks of text. Big chunks of text easily bore some readers, especially those who are looking for immediate answers like in how-to guides and tutorials. Construct your paragraphs with a maximum of three or four sentences each. This way, your readers won’t be afraid to read your work.

Know What Style You Need

Especially when working with clients, you may need to write in different styles to suit the needs and demands of your contractors. Some require you to write very technical academic articles while others request for semi-formal and simple text. Be flexible and familiarize yourself with the different writing styles used today.

Proofread Your Work

Proofreading your work is important to identify any misspelled words, inappropriate use of punctuation marks, and oddly structured sentences. If it was for a school paper, website content, or work, the consequences for these errors could be serious. Proofread your work twice before passing it or have someone like your friend or parent do it for you.


A simple way to improve your writing skills is to write consistently. Allot an hour or two of your time each day to write anything from a blog post to a script.

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