Making a Strong Writing Sample

Freelance writing samples are an important part of your writing resume or application process. Many employers will request that you do these for several different reasons. First, before a company hires you for a writing position, they need to see that you are in fact a proficient writer and know something about the job at hand. Also, a lot of applicants do not submit writing samples. Those who do not will most likely be eliminated from the applicant pool. For these reasons, it is not only important to submit a writing sample, but to make sure that it is a well thought out and proficient sample of your work.

The first and most important thing you need to ensure when you create your writing sample is that it is not only spelling error free, but that it is also 100% grammatically correct. This will show your potential employers that you actually take the time to write and edit your work before submission.

Employers often cannot afford to have employees communicating with other employees or potential clients in a poorly written fashion. Submitting an error free writing sample will show them that you are not only a proficient writer, but can professionally interact with other employees and potential customers as well.

Writing samples are often requested to show whether or not you have the proficient knowledge to perform the duties that your potential position will entail. Each job that you may apply for will have its own type of writing that is involved.

Submitting a writing sample that is relevant to the position will show that you are familiar with, and possess at least a basic knowledge of the position. This sample should be viewed and treated as a test.

Do not submit old writings.

Employers do not want to see an essay that you wrote in high school. Also, steer clear of submitting essays in general, unless the type of writing you will be doing is in essay form.

Submitting new, and original work will show the employers that you can proficiently write often, on cue, and whenever necessary. An old high school essay only makes it look as if you have not written in years.

Do not submit poetry or other short creative writing stories unless that is the relevant to the position. Doing so will result in you being overlooked. Always submit a writing sample that will be like the writing you would be doing for their company.

Freelance writing samples are a very important part of the interview process.

This is the first chance that the employers will have to see your skills and quality of writing. The trick is to sell yourself to the potential employer. Submitting a relevant and error free sample will show them that you are a great candidate for the position.

Good writers are not easy to find. Submitting a well written sample will set you apart from all of the other candidates, and land you the jobs that you have been looking for.

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